Inflatable Arena

This is where the action happens! When it’s your time, we will release you into the inflatable arena where you can go wild for 2 hours taking as many turns as possible on any or all of the inflatables.

The Hippo

Don’t look down as you climb up and brace yourself for the slide of your life! At over 4 storey’s tall, get ready to reach warp-speed as you rocket down the most exhilarating slide in town.

Barrel Bounce

Hop, jump, scramble and race your way across this 50 metre inflatable! This is the ultimate inflatable test of speed and agility – the perfect way to settle some age old scores!

Jump Balls

We should probably call this one “The Faceplant Factory”! All that stands between you and the ultimate glory is four big, red, inflatable balls! Work out a strategy, move quickly and think fast, these guys start to deflate as soon as you step on them!

The Drop

If the Hippo had a child, it would be The Drop. Challenge your mates to a race and crawl, climb and drop yourself down this epic inflatable. This is a perfect warm-up to the BIG MUMMA slide!

Foam of Fury

Get ready to feel like a real-life fighter jet as you race your mates and rocket through these slippery, foamy clouds! Now this is our kind of foam party!

Leap of Faith

Think you’re fearless? Think again! Prepare yourself to scale this inflatable cliff and take the leap of faith, plummeting down a 3+ metre drop! This one is not for the faint of heart!

Cool Runnings

Prepare to get soaked! This MASSIVE & totally tubular ride will leave you laughing and splashing and begging for more!

* Final inflatable selection depends on the venue. Each event will feature larger-than-life inflatables including (but certainly not limited to!) the brand new Leap of Faith (a daring 3m free fall!), the “Faceplant Factory” Jump Balls, and an epic slide down The Hippos – our towering 4 story tall waterslide!